Realtree Edge® Element Hang On
Realtree Edge® Element Hang On
Realtree Edge® Element Hang On
Realtree Edge® Element Hang On

Realtree Edge® Element Hang On

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For the first time ever, your tree stands and climbing sticks can blend in at close or far ranges naturally with the Realtree EDGE® pattern. Conceal more and carry less into the woods with our lightweight products.

The Element hang on treestand is where it all started. We sought to create a stand that offered the perfect balance of weight, strength and mobility. The Element is lightweight and packable without sacrificing size or comfort. This stand meets the needs of mobile public land hunters or private landowners that want to set a stand and leave it for the season. With sticky tree spikes and double upright posts, the stand locks in for a rigid, comfortable set. If a difficult tree is the spot you need to be, the base and seat can be adjusted to remain flat allowing you to get into almost any location. The Element offers a ratchet or cam buckle depending on your preferred setup method. Elevate’s signature color allows the treestand to disappear into a wide range of foliage and surroundings.

Read our safety warnings here

Read our hydro-dipped warranty here

Please note: The hydro dip process does not completely cover the bottom side of the seat and the platform, but is covered with the required base paints.

Interested in our complete mobile set up? Check out our Realtree EDGE® Mobile Bundle.

Platform measures 29 x 18.75”

The seat is 12"x10.5" and the cushion is 12"x9"x1.75"

Height from platform to the seat is 19.5”

Made of 6061-T6 aluminum

Weighs 10.4 lbs.

Ascend Climbing Sticks Attach while also leaving room for your backpack

Realtree EDGE® Element Hang On Treestand


One Strap of your choice – second strap sold separately on our Accessories and Parts page

  1. Avoid Impact and Chemicals: The coatings on our products are highly durable, similar to those used on cars or firearms. However, excessive impact or contact with certain chemicals can cause damage. Avoid banging the dipped products together forcefully, as metal-on-metal contact can lead to chipping. Refrain from cleaning the dipped items with chemicals or solvents.  This could harm the coating.
  2. Handling: Take care when using your dipped products around hard surfaces or objects. Avoid hitting them with sharp or hard objects, such as climbing sticks, as this could result in damage.
  3. Cleaning: Clean your dipped products only with water and a soft cloth. Avoid using cleaning solutions, oils, or any other harsh chemicals, as they can potentially damage the coating and void the warranty.
  4. Avoid Metal-to-Metal Contact: Prevent metal-to-metal contact with your dipped items. For instance, avoid placing them directly on truck beds or letting metal objects rest on top of them, especially during transportation.
  5. Protect from Abrasive Surfaces: Do not drag your dipped products across concrete, rocks, or other abrasive surfaces, as this can cause scratches and damage to the coating.
  6. Proper Storage: Store your dipped items carefully, ensuring they are not in contact with hard or abrasive surfaces. When transporting them in a vehicle, place them on a soft surface like a seat or cushioned area to prevent any impact or scraping.

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