It is your responsibility to watch all of the videos and all written instructions.

These are in written and video form and explain how to safely use all of Elevate Stand products.

  • Never use a Elevate Stand Co treestand without using/wearing a Full Body/Fall Arrest Harness System that meets the TMA standards that can be found at

  • Do not toe-hook an Elevate Treestand. It is not needed the way they are designed to bite into a tree. This can void your warranty. 

  • Never exceed the tree stand capacity of 300 pounds.  Failure to adhere to this limit could result in death or injury.

  • Never use an Elevate Stand Co. treestand while intoxicated, using alcohol, taking drugs, taking medication that causes drowsiness or taking prescribed medicine.

  • Never use on a dead tree, telephone pole, utility pole or structure not designed for the tree stand to be attached to.  The treestand is designed to be attached to a live healthy tree with at minimum one safety strap.

  • Never modify or change the treestand in anyway without written approval from Elevate Stand Co.

  • Always inspect the treestand and your Full Body/Fall Arrest Harness System before each use for damage and wear.  You must contact Elevate Stand Co for replacement parts.

  • Always know your limits.  Do not take chances.  Do not hunt while you are physically impaired.  Do not hunt in severe weather.  Do not jump up and down while in the stand.  Make sure that you have proper contact with the base of the stand before you move your feet.

  • Always know where the edge of the base of the stand is to avoid falling off the stand.

  • Never hunt with more than one person in the stand.  They are designed to be used as a single person stand.

  • Always practice using your Full Body/Fall Arrest Harness System at ground level.  Practice installing and using your treestand at ground level.



A Full Body/Fall Arrest Harness System does not come with your Elevate Stand Co treestand.  You must purchase and use a Full Body/Fall Arrest Harness System that meets TMA standards in order to use an Elevate Stand Co treestand or any time that you leave the ground/come back to the ground.  Failure to use the treestand or Full Body/Fall Arrest Harness System properly could result in injury or death of yourself or someone else.