Our Story

Josh Stubbs

From the minute Josh was born his parents knew they would have a hard time keeping him inside. He has a passion for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, family, and hunting. At a young age, he listened to stories of hunting moose in Alaska, ducks on the Kansas Plains, and elk in the Rocky Mountains. He grew up duck and pheasant hunting every chance he got. It wasn't until his early 20's that he became interested in hunting whitetails, and from the minute he did he was hooked. Fast forward 20 years with numerous P&Y deer taken with a bow including a 201" whitetail in 2019, he has had a dream to run a company tied to the hunting industry. 2020 came. Manufacturers that imported their products from foreign countries had trouble getting their products into the US. Josh saw an opportunity to start a tree stand company and make all of the main components in Kansas. Josh's 292" Kansas elk was taken from one of Elevate's first prototype tree stands. He hopes you like the product as much as he does! Happy hunting!

Jarad Stubbs

Jarad was born and raised on a small farm outside of Sterling, Ks. He started going on hunts with his dad and grandpa before he could even carry a gun. Some of his fondest memories are of days spent on the Arkansas River or in the field with friends and family. Hunting has been a Stubbs family tradition that has been passed on for many generations. His mother was born and raised in Alaska and his parents met there when his father was on a big game hunting trip with his brother. This background has put a yearning in his heart for the state of Alaska and has made it his favorite place to visit for hunting and fishing.  Jarad has worked in aerospace as well as the oil and gas industry but has always had a desire to be able to work in the outdoor industry doing something that is connected to the sport that he loves. Elevate Stand Co is the first step into making that dream a reality.

We’re here to build a brand that hunters can trust in every way. From performance and quality to standup customer service and everything in between. Our goal isn’t to become the loudest company in the hunting space, it’s to provide a product that excels at its purpose and a customer experience that’s second to none.