Ascend Climbing Sticks

ascend climbing sticks on tree
attaching ascend climbing sticks
ascend climbing stick attached to tree
climbing ascend sticks on tree
climbing up a tree with ascend climbing sticks
Ultra with Sticks
element with ascend sticks
Ascend Climbing Sticks
Ascend Climbing Sticks
Ascend Climbing Sticks
Ascend Climbing Sticks
Ascend Climbing Sticks
Ascend Climbing Sticks

Ascend Climbing Sticks

Regular price$299.97


The Ascend Climbing Sticks have been engineered to complete Elevate’s mobile system. Available in packs of 3 or 4, our patent pending magnetic design enables simple stacked transportation. A fixed dual foot rung feature ensures a safe climb and adds more foot space. If used properly, these sticks will ensure that you can get into your favorite treestand quickly and safely. The Ascend Climbing Sticks are attached to the tree with a cam buckle provided with the purchase of each stick. Like all Elevate products, they are made in the USA and built to meet the demands of any hunter.

Read our safety warnings here

Lengths: 17 or 20 in. (actual lengths are 17 5/16 in. and 20 5/16 in.)

Weight: approximately 1.6 lbs. (17 in. stick) and 1.75 lbs. (20 in. stick)

Step-to-step measurements: 15 in. (17 in. stick) and 18 in. (20 in. stick)

Offset tree brace measurement: 2 ¾ in.

Foot rungs measure: 9 3/8 x 1 ¼ in.

Material: 6061-T6 aluminum

Price: $99.99 per 17 in. stick, $109.99 per 20 in. stick

Ascend Climbing Sticks attach to all Elevate treestands

Cam buckle straps included with each stick

Amsteel aiders can be used

3 or 4 climbing sticks (length of your choice)

3 or 4 black cam buckle straps

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