Turkey Traditions

Turkey Traditions

Some of you may be wondering why a treestand company that chases whitetails is making such a big deal about turkeys, but for Elevate Stand Co. to even exist we have to go back to where it all started. 

We come from a long line of hunters. We grew up on the riverbanks watching mallards fly in, hiding in the trees to call in gobblers with our dad and grandpa. Hunting is a time-honored tradition in our family. Passed down from generation to generation. Before our love of whitetails, we had a love for chasing birds. 

With faith and family as our foundation, we find purpose in preserving the land and animals our Creator gave us to steward. The debut of our new video, Comeback Slam, is a unique story of an old tradition shared with new friends and elevated by an unexpected achievement. 

The launch of our new Turkey Tour Collection highlights some of our favorite memories from the 2022 season. Namely, Jarad’s son, Reid, successfully harvesting his second turkey. His trophy picture was captured in silhouette form at sunset. Accompanied by a strutting tom Josh captured on the side of the road. God’s creation is just magnificent, and Brittany did a beautiful job bringing these memories to life throughout our new collection.

The car rides, the coffee, the meals, and the smiles. Hunting is a truly unique hobby, and we are honored to continue to pass down and share the love for turkey hunting with others.

Last year, Co-Founder, Matt Garcia, harvested his first-ever turkey — with a bow nonetheless! This year, Engineer, Bradyn Meredith, hopes to harvest his first, as well. The 2023 ESC Turkey Tour includes: Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. We’ll be going live on Instagram at several points throughout the tour. We hope you’ll join us in this special experience.

If you need us, we’ll be chasin’ the gobble!

-Your ESC Family

Presenting the Comeback Slam


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