Father's Day + the Ultimate Mobille Hunting Gear

Father's Day + the Ultimate Mobille Hunting Gear

As Father’s Day approaches, we take a moment to appreciate the incredible dads who share their love for the great outdoors with their children. These fathers are not just teaching their kids the art of hunting; they are instilling a deep respect for nature, patience, and the joy of harvesting mature whitetail deer. To honor these amazing dads, we are excited to highlight our range of lightweight, mobile hunting gear that makes every hunting trip an unforgettable adventure.


The Bond of Hunting: Fathers and Their Children

Hunting is more than just a sport; it's a tradition passed down through generations. Fathers who take their children hunting are giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime. They teach valuable skills such as perseverance, patience, and the importance of conservation. These moments spent in the wild create a unique bond, fostering a love for nature and wildlife that often becomes a cherished family tradition. 

Why Our Lightweight, Mobile Hunting Gear is Perfect for Father’s Day

When it comes to hunting gear, mobility and weight are crucial. Our products are designed to enhance the hunting experience, ensuring that every trip is efficient. Here’s why our gear is the perfect Father’s Day gift:

  1. Ultra-Lightweight DesignCrafted from aluminum, our gear is incredibly easy to carry, allowing dads to bring all the essentials easily. This lightweight feature also makes our stands suitable for youth hunters to transport on both private and public land.
  2. PackabilityEngineered for optimal stacking, our mobile systems leave ample room for other hunting necessities. They boast some of the lowest profiles available on the market, ensuring convenience and ease of transport.
  3. DurabilityDesigned to withstand harsh elements, our hunting gear is as resilient as the dads who use it. From variable weather conditions to long-term use, our products are built to last. Our two-part paint with added grit increases traction, ensuring reliable performance year after year.
  4. ComfortOur treestand seat cushions improve with each use, with many customers claiming they are the best they’ve ever had. Additionally, our climbing sticks feature a double foot rung, offering a comfortable, safe, and sturdy climb every time.

Real Stories: Fathers Who Inspire

We are proud to share stories of fathers who exemplify the spirit of hunting and the joy of sharing it with their children:

Jon and His Son Blake: Jon and Blake have been hunting together since Blake was three, though he was introduced to hunting from birth. Both love the Element Hang-On for its extra room, allowing them to shift around and stay comfortable during long sits. Last year, Blake harvested his largest buck yet — a 166-inch, 12-point Kansas buck — alongside his dad.

Ty and His Kids: Ty treasures sharing the outdoors with his children, experiencing the thrill of the wilderness through their eyes. Seeing their expressions light up at the sound of a turkey gobble or the sight of their first deer underneath them without the deer knowing is priceless. Ty prefers the Rize Hang-On; as a 6'4" man with size 14 boots, it accommodates him perfectly and keeps him mobile.

Ty and His Kids: Ty's go-to stand is the Ultra Hang-On due to its diverse, hybrid options. Spending time outdoors with his son, daughter, and wife is invaluable to him. Whether they're hunting, shed hunting in the winter, or taking weekly hikes on local trails, these moments help Ty decompress and bond with his family.

Angelo and His Dad Angelo Sr.:  Angelo grew up idolizing his grandfather Brandino, his dad, and his uncles, watching them take hunting trips together. Angelo and his dad have been hunting partners since Angelo was five. Using the Capture Camera Arm to record their hunts has given them a wonderful way to relive their adventures together for years to come.

Father’s Day Special: Give the Gift of Adventure

To celebrate Father’s Day, we’re offering exclusive discounts on our range of lightweight, mobile hunting gear. It’s the perfect time to equip the dad in your life with gear that will enhance his hunting experiences and create lasting memories with his children. If you’re unsure which item to choose, our gift cards are always an ideal option. 

Final Thoughts

This Father’s Day, honor the dads who take the time to teach their children the joys of hunting and the wonders of the outdoors. With our specially designed lightweight, mobile hunting gear, every hunt becomes a cherished adventure. Equip dad with the best and make this Father’s Day unforgettable.

Be sure to use code FATHERS10 at checkout this weekend (June 6th-9th) to save sitewide on everything! No exclusions. Send this to your family to hint at what you want this fathers day, or splurge on yourself, you deserve it.

Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there!

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